ULI Dallas-Fort Worth WLI presents Finding Your Voice Series


2024-03-26 - 2024-05-23


The Sound at Cypress Waters - Town Hall 3111 Olympus Dallas, TX 75019 UNITED STATES


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2024-03-26T11:00:00 - 2024-03-26T13:00:00
Mastering the Art of the First Impression
2024-04-30T11:00:00 - 2024-04-30T13:00:00
Unlock Your Storytelling Superpowers
2024-05-23T11:00:00 - 2024-05-23T13:00:00
How to Approach Difficult Conversations (Knowing Your Value and How to Voice It)

Presenting the "Finding Your Voice" Series by the Women’s Leadership Initiative:

Join us for a transformative three-month journey where the women of ULI will have the unique opportunity to acquire valuable skills and insights that will propel them toward future success in the Real Estate community. Delve into the wisdom of influential female leaders from the Dallas-Fort Worth region as they share their expertise and strategies for navigating the business world with confidence.

Session 1: "Mastering the Art of the First Impression" 

Date: March 26th
Speaker: Tanya Ragan – President of Wildcat Management Description: First impressions are etched in seconds, often shaping our perceptions for a lifetime. Explore the nuances of creating a memorable first impression and discover how it can influence trust, likeability, and engagement.

Session 2: "Unlock Your Storytelling Superpowers" 

Date: April 30th
Speaker: Nadia Christian – Partner at Wolverine Interests Description: Humans are wired to connect through storytelling. Learn to harness the power of storytelling to effectively communicate who you are, what you do, and why it matters, forging deep connections with your audience and your message.

Session 3: "How to Approach Difficult Conversations (Knowing Your Value and How to Voice It)"

Date: May 23rd
Speaker: Lynn Dowdle – President of Dowdle Real Estate Description: Progressing in your career often requires mastering the art of persuasive communication. Explore strategies for articulating your value to an organization and learn how to navigate challenging conversations, highlighting what makes you indispensable.

Join us for this empowering series and equip yourself with the skills and insights needed to excel in your professional journey. Don't miss the chance to learn from inspiring women who have paved their way to success in the business world.



Tanya Ragan

Wildcat Management

Wildcat Management is a woman- owned and operated real estate investment and development company. Wildcat Management takes on mission-driven projects and strategic public-private sector partnerships in the hopes of sparking economic turnaround and community growth. Though Wildcat Management regularly grabs headlines for their cutting-edge work in historic rehabilitation, they have an equally booming business in real estate investing, oil and gas, and venture capital. With a nationwide network of satellite offices and industry relationships, Wildcat also possesses the infrastructure and agility to manage projects and investments across the country.


Nadia Christian

Wolverine Interests

Nadia Christian serves as a Partner for Wolverine Interests. Nadia transitioned into real estate after a 15-year career in behavioral health. In 2014, she founded a very successful construction company, Petersen Construction, specializing in building custom homes and construction management services. That eventually led to a partnership with Wolverine Interests. Nadia focuses on mixed-use development projects. She has exceptional knowledge of construction management and oversees multifamily development projects. Nadia works with municipalities who are motivated by solving complex challenges in their Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Nadia works in the intersection of economics, design, and community. Firmly committed to the philosophy, enriching people’s lives through communities; Nadia enjoys being involved in mixed-use developments where she can enrich the lives of others by creating environments and experiences, valued community assets that we call mixed-use developments. Nadia’s sphere of influence expands beyond real estate and into the community at large. She is actively involved in and understands the value of communities, it’s schools, and it’s different neighborhood dynamics. Her community involvement proves her to be not just a real estate professional, but also a trusted advisor. She is known for her integrity and equanimity in difficult situations. She is an active member of the nonprofit Urban Land Institute (ULI) both as Chair of the Small-Scale Development Council and as a facilitator of UrbanPlan for Public Officials. She also served as a board member of the Dallas Builders Association and was active on the Government Relations Committee. Nadia grew up in East Texas where she received her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Management from the University of Stephen F. Austin then achieved her Masters in Professional Counseling from Argosy University. In her free time, you can find Nadia staying active by participating in Ironman ev


Lynn Dowdle

Dowdle Real Estate

President of Dowdle Real Estate Description: Progressing in your career often requires mastering the art of persuasive communication. Explore strategies for articulating your value to an organization and learn how to navigate challenging conversations, highlighting what makes you indispensable.

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