ULI Dallas-Fort Worth: Behavioral Health Sector’s Phenomenal Post-Pandemic Growth: Is the platform sustainable?


2021-09-27T12:00:00 - 2021-09-27T13:00:00

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    A virtual event hosted by ULI Dallas-Fort Worth's Health, Education and Life Sciences Local Product Council (HELSC).


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    The post pandemic effect on real estate is a transformative time in which a spotlight illuminates the need to develop the full continuum of behavioral health services embedded on medical campuses and distributed in communities. Creating appropriate collaborations among public health, commercial insurance, and law enforcement are in high demand to address the increasing volumes, profiles, and complexities of patients who are suffering from a wide range of medical and behavioral conditions.
    Prior to COVID-19, mental health awareness was nascent and poised to emerge gradually as Medicaid reimbursement expanded in some states and employers across the U.S. began to see the return on investing in programs that addressed preventative measures, counseling, and treatment. To cope during the height of the pandemic in 2020, telehealth services and the continuum of care expanded as did the demand for short-term crisis stabilization for acute disorders.
    As demand for behavioral health treatment continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, how will the supply of services and facilities evolve. Are there lessons learned from past demand surges? How will public health and private care benefit? What and who are needed to make it work? What types of facilities will meet these needs? Who are the stakeholders? How are they partnering? Where is the money? Join us to hear about these insights, programs, and developments in the north Texas. 



    John Burrus

    CEO, Metrocare Services

    Dr. John Burruss is the Chief Executive Officer of Metrocare Services in Dallas, the public provider for Mental Healthcare and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities for Dallas County and one of the largest providers of these services in the country. The Agency serves more than 60,000 unduplicated patients each year with a staff of 850 employees and an annual budget of nearly $120 million. Before joining Metrocare, Dr. Burruss was Executive Medical Director for Affiliates at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. In this role, he managed the Affiliated Medical Services of Baylor and the University of Texas Health Science Center, the largest physician practice in the State of Texas. Dr. Burruss was the youngest Dean ever appointed at Baylor when he became Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs in 2005 and also served for one year as Chief Medical Officer for Baylor from 2009-2010. Throughout this time, Dr. Burruss was a practicing psychiatrist on the medical staff at Ben Taub Hospital where he was Chief of Psychiatry from 2002 to 2008. Dr. Burruss earned his MD and completed a psychiatric residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston after a bachelors in Biochemistry from The University of Texas at Austin. He has also trained at the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine and the Harvard School of Public Health. He is Professor of Psychiatry at UT Southwestern, Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and a member of the American College of Psychiatrists.


    Brian Dixon

    Assistant Professor, TCU-UNTHSC School of Medicine

    Brian J. Dixon MD is an award winning psychiatrist, author, and speaker who believes mental health is the foundation of a life well lived. A native of East Texas, Dr. Dixon obtained his BA in Psychology from Baylor University and his medical degree from the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine. After completing the Triple Board Residency including Pediatrics, Adult Psychiatry, and Child Psychiatry at the University of Kentucky, he returned to Texas and settled in Fort Worth to start his private practice in 2014. Having trained in all psychiatric settings, his experiences with facility management, entrepreneurship, and business consulting makes him a sought after resource for leaders inside and outside the healthcare field. Dr. Dixon educates patients, colleagues, and society about income and wealth inequality through his multiple companies, including Mindful, his private practice in Fort Worth, Texas; the management services organization Simply Psych; and SaaS referral engine Gide. An outspoken advocate for social justice and equity, Dr. Dixon’s expertise in health care finance and levels of care is instrumental to understanding how to expand access to quality affordable mental healthcare.


    Andrew Hardin

    Senior Vice President and COO, Voyages Behavioral Health

    SeniorVice President and COO of Voyages BehavioralHealth an affiliate of PAM Health. VoyagesBehavioral Health was founded in 2020 offeringinpatient, outpatient, and ECT service lines tomeet the growing mental health and chemicaldependency needs across the nation. Voyagesis transforming behavioral health care toinclude service lines focusing on seniors, thosewith complex medical comorbidities, military,and trauma specialties. As SVP and COO, Mr. Hardin leads thecorporation's efforts to provide quality patient-centered care and improve the well-being ofeach patient served. In addition to his role asSVP and COO, Mr. Hardin currently serves onthe National Association for BehavioralHealthcare Child and Adolescent Committee andwith The American College of HealthcareExecutives. He has served as an advocate formental health and is speaking at the HFMAConference on Behavioral Health Development. Previously, Mr. Hardin served in executiveleadership roles as Division VP of Growth andDevelopment with Kindred Healthcare, MarketCEO with Perimeter Healthcare, and Group ChiefNursing Officer with Universal Health Services.During which time, Mr. Hardin has drivenbehavioral health goals and development ofinpatient and outpatient clinics, managednursing teams, improved quality andcompliance, and initiated new-nationallyrecognized programs. Prior to his executiveroles in behavioral health, Mr. Hardin served inthe US Navy Nurse Corp. Mr. Hardin achieved his Bachelors of Science inNursing from the University of Texas at Tylerand achieved his Master of Science in Nursingfrom Seton Hall University in 2015.